Porkchop Monday

Collabs, Cooking

We whipped up a yummy collab meal tonight which was totally scrumptious for a quick food night.  We had wanted to do a big dinner since Mondays are now the only day off together, but life happens and we ended up eating at 9pm again, doh >_<

Anyway, so the highlight was Jonny’s porkchop which had been marinated in apple, fennel and mint for 3 days.  Fried and chopped, we put it on top of a bed of simple salad with olive oil and lime.

I made some spelt flatbreads, drizzled olive oil and topped it with zaa’tar (toasted sesame seeds, sumac, thyme, oregano and salt) before grilling for a few minutes.

Then with a leftover potato and yoghurt, Jonny made a quick potato salad with coriander and lemon juice.

IMG_2713 (1).JPG

Well del! (this means it was rather delicious)

Also this has been a rather busy week of hand foods!  Wraps and foods you can build with your hands are the best.

Ames xxx

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