How To Fix A Split Nail With A Teabag!

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So I went to paint my nails which had grown pretty long the last couple of months (did you know that nails grow faster in the sunshine due to more exposure to vitamin D?) when of course, one of my nails split… right down the middle… to the nail bed! Why does one nail always have to do this once they’ve all gotten to a good length? Well I was determined to find a solution without lobbing it all off and having an odd short nail as I wanted to paint my nails, and so I turned to Google. Use a teabag it said… so I had to try it!

My sad broken nail 😦

No Glue Method

I don’t own any nail glue or gel as most of the posts on Google suggested so I decided to just use plain nail polish to see if it would work. Here is what I used:

– A teabag (Yorkshire Tea incase you were interested!)
Emery board (not shown in photo)
Nail Buffer
Clear nail polish (I used a strengthening one underneath and a clear one on top of my coloured nail polish
Coloured nail polish of choice

Cut Your Teabag

Cut the teabag to fit your nail

I cut a rectangle piece out of the teabag and just held it over my nail to get a rough size and cut it by eye to fit my entire nail. Some videos I’d seen had just used a small piece to cover the split only but I thought this would be more strengthening. I put a layer of the ‘nail nurse’ clear nail polish I had and laid the teabag piece on top. I then covered it with more nail polish and waited until it was fully dry.

Teabag on my nail (!)

Paint Your Nails

I would definitely paint the rest of the nails as it’s quite obvious there is a layer of something on your nail (though I wonder who would guess it was a teabag!). You will need to file the edge of the nail first to make sure the nail is seamless/ not bumpy. I also used the nail buffer on top just slightly so that there were minimal lumps.

Final look

The Result?

Well my split nail was definitely disguised, you wouldn’t notice it unless you went right up close to my nail so at least all my nails looked a similar length! I would say that I was very conscious of the fact it was split still and so kept playing with it to ‘test’ if it would break, which probably caused it to break faster than it should have done! I wasn’t careful enough/ played with it too much so that the teabag seal broke and the split became greater. I lasted a day and a half before I did actually cut the nail shorter.

All in all, I would say this is a great tip for mending a nail short term for example for a night out if you don’t want to ruin your look and don’t want to cut off your entire nail! If I try it again with nail glue/ gel I will be sure to let you know if it was much stronger compared to nail polish only. Let me know if you try it out! Also if anyone has gone from weak nails to strong nails, please share what you used as my nails have always been prone to breaking easily!

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