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You may (or may not) have noticed that we are eating meatballs for the second time this week.  But that meat mix Butcher Farrell made last night was just too good to freeze for later..!

So using the same meat mix for our koftas, we made a courgetti/ zoodles bowl for dinner. Our healthgetti consisted of raw julienned courgette, our raw tomato sauce similar to the one we had on Friday night for our meatball night, with meatballs & a sprinkle of parmigianno-reggiano.  Served with a balso/ olive oil/ lemon simple salad.  As usual, Jonny dealt with the meat and sauce, and I had an easy night of sorting out the veg and salad (it took about 2 minutes!).


Verdict – tasty!! I wanted a light dinner after binging on palmiers and puff pastry twists all day at work (#bakerlife), plus we just got back late from an after-work couples gym session, so this hit the spot :)!

Ames xxx


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